The Caravan of Unity

Traditionally, virtually all modern major sports events such as the Olympic, Asian, and World Student Games necessarily include the Torch Relay, which is different in form but unified in content.

At the first three Nomad Games, water was the main sacred symbol and the key element.

On the eve of the Games, all regional centers of Kazakhstan and cities of republican importance will host a colorful theatrical action, during which Water will be taken from one of the local sacred springs for the WNG Opening Ceremony. After passing through the central streets of the region and being honored in the central square, the Caravan will leave for the capital of Kazakhstan.
As part of the Caravan, decorated in the traditions and style of the region, in addition to the vessel with Water, creative groups will go to Astana to take part in the cultural program of the Games. Caravans will also bring the necessary number of yurts, utensils, and everything else that will be necessary for the organization of Ethno-Aul (the Universe of Nomads) from other regions to Astana.
On the opening day of the Games, a caravan of batyrs with torsyks (leather flasks) filled with sacred water, representing all regions of the country, will go in a colorful procession to the place of the opening ceremony. Water from sacred springs will be an important part of the culmination of the WNG Opening Ceremony.