About the Games

About the Games

The World Nomad Games are international sports competitions in ethnic sports. The competition is based on folk games of historically nomadic peoples of Central Asia. WNG are aimed at the development of ethno-sports and ethno-cultural movement as a heritage of human civilization.

The World Nomad Games are included in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List.

History of the Games

The international sporting event, conceived and first organized in the Kyrgyz Republic, has gained a global status, covering more and more countries and attracting the attention of a wide audience not only in Eurasia. With the transfer of the right to host the WNG to Kazakhstan, the list of countries hosting the Games has expanded.

For the first time, the World Nomad Games were held in Kyrgyzstan. The city of Cholpon-Ata has hosted international competitions three times:

  • in 2014 – 583 athletes from 19 countries, 10 sports.
  • in 2016 – 1 200 athletes from 62 countries, 26 sports.
  • in 2018 – 2 000 athletes from 82 countries, 37 sports.

The 4th World Nomad Games were held in 2022 in Iznik, Turkey. 3 000 athletes from 102 countries, 13 sports.


Venue: Republic of Kazakhstan, Astana city
The Games will be held from September 8 to September 13, 2024

September is a reference to the traditional time of the holiday, marking the completion of the migration from summer to winter camping. The path of the caravan of people and animals with yurts and possessions traditionally ended at the new camping area with rituals, games and competitions.


First of all, the countries where the peoples - the heirs of the nomadic civilization - live take part in the Nomad Games. Teams from all over the world, including countries that were not nomadic, are also invited to participate in the World Nomad Games in Astana.

The WNG are the largest national sports competition in the world today. According to tentative estimates, about 3,000 participants from more than 100 countries will arrive in Astana to take part in 7-day competitions both in sports arenas and in cultural and scientific programs.

Applications for participation in the WNG sports program are accepted until July 15, 2024.

Applications for participation in the cultural, academic and demonstration sports programs will be accepted until December 1, 2023.

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The Organizing Committee

The organizer of the WNG is the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan. For the effective preparation and conduct of the WNG, the WNG Organizing Committee was established under the chairmanship of the Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The Organizing Committee included heads of state authorized bodies, heads of akimats of regions and cities of republican significance, heads of national companies, enterprises, public organizations.

To carry out current organizational work, the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan created the Directorate for the preparation and holding of the WNG Astana 2024. The functions of the Directorate are assigned to Kazsportinvest JSC.

The Organizing Committee approved the WNG Astana 2024 Regulation upon presentation by the WNG Directorate. The Regulation details the conditions of participation of sports teams in the WNG. The WNG Regulation is sent to all interested national organizations (associations, federations, unions, clubs) and is an official invitation to participate in the V WNG Astana 2024.

Infrastructure of the Games

To form the infrastructure of the WNG Astana 2024, the most convenient principle of "linear" construction has been applied, which consists in placing the maximum number of facilities involved in the Games along one line.

The 5th WNG infrastructure includes 6 metropolitan facilities: Astana Arena Stadium, Kazanat Racetrack, Wrestling Palace named after Zh.Ushkempirov, Alau Ice Palace, Qazaqstan Athletic Sports Complex, Duman complex.

Horse racing competitions, traditional archery and national types of hunting with birds, as well as horse riding competitions will be held at the Kazanat racetrack and on the territory of Ethnoaul. The Wrestling Palace named after Zh.Ushkempirov and Alau Ice Palace will host competitions in national types of wrestling, martial arts and folk games, and traditional intellectual games will be held in the Duman complex. The Qazaqstan Athletics Sports Complex will house the WNG Accreditation and Equipment Centers.

The main site for the implementation of the WNG cultural program will be the Universe of Nomads, Ethno-village (Ethno-Aul), which is located on the territory of 10 hectares adjacent to the Kazanat race course in the south-western side, as well as activities within the cultural program will be additionally held at various venues of Astana (city squares, parks, public gardens, other public spaces, theaters, concert halls, cinemas, museums, exhibition halls, etc.).

The events of the scientific program of the Games will be held at the National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

About 23 hotels located near the sports facilities included in the WNG Astana 2024 infrastructure will be used for accommodation of guests.

Opening and closing ceremonies of the Games

Since the time of the Ancient Olympic Games, the opening ceremony has been an integral part of the Games. Following the traditions of major international sports forums, the most significant and brightest events at the Nomad Games are the opening and closing ceremonies of the Games. The cultural heritage of the host country, the most important milestones in the development of the state, the performance of masterpieces of musical and choreographic culture will be presented by theatrical performances.

The teams of the participating countries will march in separate groups in alphabetical order. The opening ceremony necessarily includes the procedure of bringing out and raising the State Flag of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the flag of the World Nomad Games, as well as the performance of the National Anthem of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the anthem of the World Nomad Games.

The Opening Ceremony culminates with a speech by the Head of State, who will officially announce the opening of the Games.

The Сlosing Сeremony of the 5th World Nomad Games will take place at the Central Kazanat Racetrack immediately after the final match of the finalist teams of the Kokpar tournament. The parade of participants will take place in the format of a common team, symbolizing the cohesion of athletes who have become one family during the Games.

Sports program

Competitions in 20 competitive and 10 demonstration sports will be held at the best sports grounds of Astana. They include horse races, national types of wrestling, traditional intellectual games, competitions in martial arts, traditional archery, national types of hunting with birds, horse racing, folk games, as well as exhibition performances in ethnic sports.

113 sets of medals will be awarded at the Games.

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Cultural program and Ethno-aul "the Universe of Nomads"

The opening of Ethnoaul will take place the day before the opening ceremony of the Games. Ethno-Aul will be located on the territory adjacent to the Kazanat race course on an area of about 10 hectares.

On this day, a bright theatrical performance called "Astana is the capital of nomads" will take place. The event will be attended by foreign guests, heads of international sports organizations who have arrived at the WNG.

Cultural events will be held daily at the unique concert venue of Ethnoaul. Including the largest exhibition-fair of the best craftsmen of Kazakhstan with displays of works and master classes, where the masters will share the secrets of their craft. Aytys, the traditional musical competition of akyns, in which the leading and novice aytyskers of the country will take part will be an integral part of the cultural program in Ethno-Aul. The Universe of Nomads festival will show the modern trends in the world of culture.

Much attention in the program of events will be paid to the youngest guests of Ethnoaul, who will find a lot of entertaining and developing playgrounds and attractions in the ethnic style.
There will also be a podium in Ethnoaul, where a fashion show will be held. Various samples of ethnic clothing, including the leader of this direction – Global Nomads, will be presented within the framework of the ethnic fashion festival.
Ethno-Aul will host hunting competitions with hunting birds and exhibition performances in national types of wrestling. The hospitality and cordiality of the Kazakh people will be demonstrated by the festival of national cuisine. Master classes will be held here, each visitor will be able to take part in the preparation of food and drinks.
All the events planned by the organizers in Ethnoaul are aimed at achieving the main goal – popularization of cultural heritage, national values, promotion of their national brand - the richest history and culture of the people of Kazakhstan.

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Birlik kerueni (The Caravan of Unity)

Traditionally, virtually all modern major sports events such as the Olympic, Asian, and World Student Games necessarily include the Torch Relay, which is different in form but unified in content.

At the first three Nomad Games, water was the main sacred symbol and the key element.

On the eve of the Games, all regional centers of Kazakhstan and cities of republican importance will host a colorful theatrical action, during which Water will be taken from one of the local sacred springs for the WNG Opening Ceremony. After passing through the central streets of the region and being honored in the central square, the Caravan will leave for the capital of Kazakhstan.
As part of the Caravan, decorated in the traditions and style of the region, in addition to the vessel with Water, creative groups will go to Astana to take part in the cultural program of the Games. Caravans will also bring the necessary number of yurts, utensils, and everything else that will be necessary for the organization of Ethno-Aul (the Universe of Nomads) from other regions to Astana.
On the opening day of the Games, a caravan of batyrs with torsyks (leather flasks) filled with sacred water, representing all regions of the country, will go in a colorful procession to the place of the opening ceremony. Water from sacred springs will be an important part of the culmination of the WNG Opening Ceremony.

Scientific program

On the eve of the 5th World Nomad Games, the National Museum will host an international scientific and practical conference, where various aspects of the development of ethnosport will be discussed. They include  methods of training ethnic sports athletes, prospects for the development of ethnic sports, standardization and adoption of international rules in ethnic sports, and much more. Experts will also focus on the study of nomadism, its civilizational role, as well as the importance of neo-nomads in the modern world.

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Identity of the Games

The 5th World Nomad Games in Astana will be held under the motto "The Gathering of the Great Steppe".

The official logo includes an important element of identity – a solar horseman. It is present in all logos of the World Nomad Games. The logo uses elements of dark red color. This color embodies the simplicity and grace of a semiprecious carnelian stone. Carnelian with its reddish shade resembles blood and fire, is associated with vital energy, heart and sun. Carnelian of dark shades was used to decorate household items such as kamshy (whip), belbeu (belt) and traditional jewelry.

The text part of the logo is done in a font style that resembles the runic Turkic script of the XIII - X centuries.